Coming Home

Those of us who are in on the secret know that small town and rural life is worth the commute, the lack of some amenities, the mice in the house, the dust on the shelf.  It’s quiet, except for the birds. Traffic is easy, except during planting and harvest season, when getting behind a combine on the highway is an exercise in patience. If you forget to lock your doors, it’s really no big deal.  When you go to the store, you usually run into several folks you know. If your kids are up to something, you hear about it — good or bad.  You are on a first name basis with the police, the superintendent of schools, the banker, the city council, the grocer, and the road grader. Because they’re your neighbors, your kids go to school together, and you see them in church on Sunday.


It’s a good life. It’s a different kind of life from the one you’ll find in the city.  And home ownership in a small town is a different endeavor too.  You may not find all the brand new amenities you desire, options in your price range may e a bit limited, you may need some imagination to find the potential in the best deal. When you decide to buy or sell, you’ll be working with people you know, which can be nice, but can also be a little bit of being up in each other’s private business.  Your realtors, bankers, and inspectors should be masters of discretion.  I know, because I’m a Realtor working for Iowa Realty in Knoxville, Iowa, and this blog is all about helping you find, finance, maintain, and sell your home in this wonderful small town environment.


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